Landscape and Astrophotography

Nothing better than hanging out in your own backyard and taking photos straight overhead--unless it's driving to someplace scenic and shooting something here on planet Earth. I used to do band photography but don't now, though I'll still do portraits and the like.

The Last Call

Band Photographer

I was a band photographer here in San Diego for many years, but my aging ears can't take it and I've given it up. If I've ever shot one of your shows the photos are here, and you should be able to download them free. If not, write me. Band Photography

Singer songwriter Alaina Blair

Headshots, Album Covers and Model Photography

I still shoot bands when they're quiet. I usually like to shoot headshots and posed band photos outside, at night--preferably near some grubby bar that is their natural environment. I label myself a headshot photographer because it's about the closest category I can think of, but if you're looking for a nice portrait of your company's CEO, you need to look elsewhere. I'm mostly a performer's photographer. Take a look here: Headshots

Bridge over the Serpentine

Landscape Photographer

When I can't shoot bands, I'm a Landscape Photographer, or maybe CityScape Photographer. I seem to spend a lot of time in London, wandering from pub to pub. They're interesting inside and out, and I have pictures to prove it. Sadly, here in San Diego, bars aren't nearly so photogenic--but there's nothing like the bay and the shoreline. I have pictures of La Jolla, Sunset Cliffs, and the historic sailing ships on San Diego Bay here: Landscape Photography

Snowy egrets on the San Diego River at sunset

Wildlife Photography

It all began in my usual geek way: I bought a new telephoto lens and had to find something to point it at. Here in San Diego, "wildlife" means "birds". Or the zoo, but somehow that doesn't count. I've never been a big fan of birds; they're kind of annoying at best. But after stalking a few through a really long lens, I'm blown away by the way they land. Wish I could be that accurate. Anyway, I hope to add bears and stuff but for now. . .take a look here: Wildlife

Lastly. . . since some people are actually crazy enough to ask my advice, I have a few bags full. There's a page of general tips for better pix, some info on buying an SLR, and a completely unorganized compilation of various emails I've written on gear and shooting and stuff. I'm still working on a couple of other pages: HDR and Me and Monopod, Tripod and Image Stabilizer test. Not done, but they'll get there.