I am, primarily, a band photographer here in San Diego, CA. I hang out in local bars and take pictures of local musicians, people working their butts off and playing their hearts out for fifty bucks a night. Yes, there are other live music photographers in San Diego who shoot bands, but how many of them have a beer holster on their buttpack? Hmmm? I put my heart into this. And my belly. And since bands need posed pictures for promo materials like posters, banners, signature cards and one-sheets, I try to take individual and group portraits that show who they are. By that I mean: this ain't business, this is rock'n'roll. My pictures look it. I think, anyway, and I hope you'll agree.

The Last Call

Band Photographer

My five-year mission: to boldly go where no man has gone before. Or at least, no man with a decent camera. Your average everyday working musician has a website full of nasty, grainy, flash-in-the-face pictures of a tiny little person on a distant stage. I like to take live performance pictures of working bands in San Diego's dark, grubby local bars, and maybe capture what makes them so interesting: Band Photography

Bridge over the Serpentine

Landscape Photographer

When I can't shoot bands, I'm a Landscape Photographer, or maybe CityScape Photographer. I seem to spend a lot of time in London, wandering from pub to pub. They're interesting inside and out, and I have pictures to prove it. Sadly, here in San Diego, bars aren't nearly so photogenic--but there's nothing like the bay and the shoreline. I have pictures of La Jolla, Sunset Cliffs, and the historic sailing ships on San Diego Bay here: Landscape Photography

Singer songwriter Alaina Blair

Headshots, Album Covers and Model Photography

Just when I decide my purpose in life is getting those difficult live-performance shots, musicians start telling me they need album covers. I like to shoot headshots and posed band photos outside, at night--preferably near that same grubby bar. I label myself a headshot photographer because it's about the closest category I can think of, but if you're looking for a nice portrait of your company's CEO, you need to look elsewhere. I'm mostly a performer's photographer. Take a look here: Headshots

Lastly. . . since some people are actually crazy enough to ask my advice, I have a few bags full. There's a page of general tips for better pix, some info on buying an SLR, and a completely unorganized compilation of various emails I've written on gear and shooting and stuff. I'm still working on a couple of other pages: HDR and Me and Monopod, Tripod and Image Stabilizer test. Not done, but they'll get there.